Having Trouble convincing your supervisor that sending you to this conference is in their best interest? You can use this website to help with your request to Justify Attendance, or you can take a look at the template letter shown below:

Dear [NAME],

I have been invited to attend the SCARC conference, in [LOCATION]. This event will give me an opportunity to share and learn best practices for the GIS Industry and participate in a wide range of networking opportunities with industry experts and peers.

The conference is composed of keynote presentations, breakout workshops, and a wide range of networking opportunities with peers, customers and industry experts, all focused on making the most of our event management initiatives.

Throughout the conference, I can attend sessions that are directly applicable to my work and to [COMPANY]. Customers across all industries will be on hand to showcase how they are using GIS and the results they have achieved. I will gain valuable insight into the latest trends in the industry, upcoming product features, and how we can maximize our investment in GIS.

This will also give me a chance to meet with a host of GIS users and  technology partners where I can pick up new ideas to drive more results from the products we use.

If I reserve my spot now, I am eligible for a discounted rate of [$ Amount] to attend the event, plus travel expenses.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.


SCARC is a non-profit organization in South Carolina

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